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Just so you know

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being happy is not just a mood. it’s a way of life. I’m cool if you all want to be sad and gloomy, but in your later years you will be happy you listened to me. did you know people who frown a lot get wrinkles faster? we all know that they are the first ones to run out and get Botox. personally I would never get Botox because a needle being jabbed into my face is NOT ok with me. I mean uh ouch! so in the end you can be happy, or be sad, but if you are sad all the time, take a look at your forehead and then rethink how you are living your life.

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Well i planned to have a new post by 20 visits, but oh well. i have added some jokes to brighten your day below.

 I don’t understand what everyone has against cancer. Now capricorns, those are the real jerks. (all jokes bfore here were found at:

Q: Why is it so hot in a stadium after a football game?
A: Because all the fans have left.

Q. Why did the golfer wear two pairs of pants?
A. In case he got a hole in one. (these two jokes were found at


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Hello blogging world! This is my first blog so I am a little slow with this. I am here to spread my happiness. lord knows I have enough of it.

If you have any happiness questions leave a comment and I’ll post an answer.